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“For those days of creative block, I use ClipWords Pro to loosen the thought process and come up with great ideas!”
Hope Brenton
Executive Assistant – Portland, Oregon

“Wonderful – I’ll never be at a loss for expressive words again”
Sandy Keltz
Administrative Secretary – Plainview, Texas

“When struggling with what to say … this is definitely a great resource to turn to.”
Patsy Jo Wendland
Administrative Assistant – Minot, North Dakota

“For those who want to say something but are having a hard time putting it into words.”
Nancy Consalvi
Business owner – Quincy, Massachusetts

“I just type in a keyword and ClipWords searches through all the entries and gives me a choice of ideas.”
Chris Little
Marketing Director – Deerfield, Illinois

“When I'm trying to come up with a concept and the thoughts aren't flowing, seeing creative ideas at the push of a button really helps!”
Peggy Lenz
Business Manager – Barrington, Illinois

“Excellent! I won't have a brain drain anymore!”
Jeanne Snow
Executive Director – Traverse City, Michigan

“A great tool to kick-start ideas. Gets your project on paper fast. Very enjoyable to work with.”
Paul Ruzicka
Company President – St. Louis, Missouri

“ It is very challenging to come up with new ideas every week for advertising. I was very excited to find software that will help make my job a little easier!”
Mark Steffen
General Manager – Marketing, Fairbury, Illinois

“I originally bought it to help in design projects – now I use it all the time for everything. Letters, marketing statements, slogans, etc.”
Lori Phillips
Special Projects Coordinator – North Kansas City, Missouri

“I was a man of little words but now I’m a man of many. Thank you.”
Frank K. Byrne
Business Owner/Operator – Fayetteville, North Carolina

“I love this product. It helps me unblock. I also use it to brainstorm ideas for articles and stories.”
Barbara A. Johnson
Personnel Technician – Lathrop, California

“This was a very good investment for me. As program director, I write many letters and memos, and this is a good tool for me to use in my writing. I love ClipWords!!”
Christine Petersen
Special programs coordinator – Elkhart, Indiana

“I was up and running and creating my invitation within 15 minutes -- no kidding! Super product -- very helpful for brainstorming.”
Joseph Bell
San Diego, California

“I was impressed with ClipWords right out of the box! It more than paid for itself the first time I used it! ClipWords helps me come up with headlines and concepts, and adds 'flavor' to my copy.”
Paul Patterson
Copywriter – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“A great concept! It has become part of my everyday reference library.”
Deborah Henry
Grand Island, New York

“Great idea! A huge help! A definite cure for writer's block!”
Christine Lampione
Communications Coordinator – Henderson, Nevada

“It WORKS! When you have to come up with new ideas week after week for bulletins, flyers and programs, ... ClipWords really comes in handy!”
Rev. Alcuin Mikulanis
Pastor – Cleveland, Ohio

“ClipWords is a thesaurus on steroids… Highly recommended and a bargain at $59.95.”
Joe Hammer
Marketing/Business Development – Wintersville, Ohio

“It's a great resource for people who use words in their business -- and who doesn't do that!?!”
Dan Novellino
Training Specialist – Columbia, South Carolina

“I used ClipWords at school. It really helped in getting my project off to a quick start. It’s very easy to use.”
Tom Hayes
Student – Oak Park, Illinois

“ClipWords is inspirational!!! And a time saver!”
Dee Dunn
Marketing Manager – West Hartford, Connecticut

“Love this product! No more late-night writer’s block!!”
Suzanne Waters
Business owner – Simi Valley, California

“Great help when you're looking for just the right words!”
Patricia Tietjen
Assistant Plant Manager – Sheffield, Massachusetts

“When you want that perfect phrase for an ad or flyer... it's perfect”
Karen Hamilton
Assistant Regional Manager – Clifton, Michigan

“Glad you thought of this. It relieves writer’s block.”
Jill As
Winnetka, Illinois

“It’s a wonderful resource to find phrases you know would catch your attention.”
Connie Shriver
Public Relations Coordinator – Zanesville, Ohio

“This is great! A way of networking with yourself to prompt new ideas for promotion. Create the title and the promotion is easy!”
Lillian Ackerman
VP Marketing and PR – Poughkeepsie, New York

“Helps brainstorming for ads, newsletters and everything else!!!”
Janelle LaFlamme
Admin. Assistant – Kennewick, Washington

“A helpful tool when writing business letters, proposals and etc.”
Annie L. Baynham
Office Automation Specialist – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“Wow. What a powerful program!”
Ron Newhouse
El Centro, California

"A traner's Must"
Michelle Rogers
Regional Education Manager, Holly Springs, NC

"A great tool in my english classroom and for letter writing"
Candace Link
Teacher, Beloit, WI

"I find Clip Words to be a blessing from God. It makes writing a lot easier and faster. I dan't have to search for the right words. It is laid out for you."
Cheryl Jones
Program Director, Mt. Holly, NJ


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