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What are ClipWords?
ClipWords are common and uncommon phrases and statements, plus everyday expressions and clever, upbeat, witty attention-grabbers!

Is it like clip art?
In some ways, yes. ClipWords and clip art are used the same way, to help convey a message quickly and easily, but that’s where the similarities end. ClipWords can be used anywhere, anytime, and you can customize them to fit your specific needs. And while some people can spot a piece of clip art at 100 paces, ClipWords can blend in seamlessly with whatever you’re writing!

Is it like a book of quotations?
No. There are no famous quotes in ClipWords software, just useful phrases and statements relating to specific topics. Our Motivation book does have a topick "Quotables".

Where do ClipWords come from?
You see them every day in newspapers, magazines, junk mail, letters,
movies and on billboards. You hear them at cocktail parties, in sermons, on the news, at sporting events, on talk radio, on TV, in business meetings and on the street.

Are ClipWords copyrighted?
Individual Clips are common phrases and statements used in everyday language and may be used as you see fit. However, the software and books are copyrighted as collections and may not be reproduced in whole or in part.

Who uses ClipWords?
Anyone who uses words, and who doesn’t do that?!?

Why do I need ClipWords?
ClipWords is a tool for brainstorming, combating writer’s block, a time-saver, a generator for headlines and themes, it gets your creative juices flowing, puts a fresh twist on your ideas and adds flavor to your copy. Now you’ll never have to say, “I can’t think of what to say!”

I’m not a computer whiz. Is the program easy to learn?
Yes! If you already know basic Windows or Macintosh commands, using the ClipWords programs is a breeze!

Can I print an entire list of Clips?
You can’t print an entire topic list from the Browser window, but you can
print a list of all your selections from the Grabber window or Clips from the Editor window.

Can I apply a typeface to my selection before copying
it to my document?

No, but once you have copied your Clip into your document, you can select the typeface, change the size, and make it bold or italic. Any way you want!

Will it work on my old PC?
If you have an older system, you need to be running Windows 98™ or higher with a minimum 333mhz processor, 64MB of RAM and a 16-bit sound card. Basic installation requires only 13MB of hard drive space.

Is there a version for Macintosh?
Yes! The ClipWords Macintosh version was designed exclusively for
Mac OS X and later platforms with all the same Clips and features found in the Windows™ versions. Check out the ClipWords Mac product page for
more information.

Where can I get more Clips?
If you are using ClipWords 20,000 Clips, upgrade to ClipWords Pro for
50,000 Clips! Or take a look at the ClipWords Motivation and Promotion books. Additional Clips on timely topics can be found on your CD-ROM Web
Clips page.

Why would anyone want to buy a book of ClipWords
when it’s on a CD-ROM?

The books, Motivation and Promotion, are collections of Clips selected from our vast library relating specifically to these categories. Plus, the books have many Clips and topics that are not on the CD-ROM!

How do I contact Epigraphics?
Click on the “Contact Us” button let us know what questions and concerns
you have.


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