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About ClipWords

ClipWords is the world’s largest collection of headlines that catch the eye! Phrases that produce super results! And statements that hit home in a flash! Plus everyday expressions and clever, snappy attention-grabbers. You see them every day – in newspapers, magazines, ads, bulk mail, annual reports, letters, and on billboards. You hear them everywhere – on TV and radio, in movies, in business meetings, at parties, in sermons, at sporting events, at the local watering hole and on the street.

You might recognize a well-turned phrase when you hear one, but would you remember it six months later when you could really use it? ClipWords is the result of years of ongoing research and jotting down, selecting and refining these everyday gems of our American language. Epigraphics has sorted them into categories and topics for easy access, producing the only software programs and reference books of their kind.

Epigraphics Software, Inc. has grown from a one-product company in 1997 to a line of six ClipWords products today. The 20,000 Clips on the original ClipWords CD-ROM are still available, as well as expanded 50,000-phrase ClipWords Pro collections for Windows and Mac and a downloadable demo. Thousands more can be found in Epigraphics’ two books, ClipWords Motivation and ClipWords Promotion.

Every day, more and more people rely on ClipWords to produce effective, attention-grabbing copy and get through those frustrating periods of writer’s block that we all face.

ClipWords has a lifetime of writing experience in every CD and book. It really is like having a copywriter in your computer, or in a book!

About the Creator
ClipWords is the creation of Bob Gorski, a successful advertising professional who began his advertising and marketing career in the early 1950s. Bob partnered with his co-worker and friend Ted Osterholdt to open Gorski-Osterholdt Advertising/Marketing in 1962, and grabbed a foothold in the Bob Gorski - ClipWords Creator and founder of Epigraphics Softwarecompetitive Chicago advertising scene. Unlike all but the city’s largest firms, it’s still in operation after 45 years serving a wide range of well-known clients from various industries.

The idea behind ClipWords originated when Bob was creating a slogan for a client. He thought about the unbillable hours spent coming up with the headlines and taglines that make or break any marketing campaign. It might take a day or two to find the right slogan, but sometimes it can take a couple of weeks. “You can’t bill them for that,” he says. “That would be astronomical.”

Searching the marketplace for reference materials with everyday statements, off-the-wall phrases and headlines that sing, he came up empty-handed. So, with his personal swipe file of useful phrases that he had been collecting from his years in advertising, he developed a plan of action.

Bob was familiar with clip art products and the need they provide for their users. So why not… ClipWords?

He saw an opportunity in the computer industry boom and established Epigraphics Software, Inc. to make his lifetime of marketing expertise available to the public. Epigraphics’ marquee product was Talking ClipWords, a CD-ROM filled with 20,000 phrases designed to help people add flavor and impact to their writing. A decade later, Epigraphics has over 80,000 Clips available, from the ClipWords Pro CD-ROM to the ClipWords Motivation and Promotion books.

Peering over stacks of handwritten pages of phrases, a pair of psychedelic-framed reading glasses on the tip of his nose tells you right away that Bob Gorski’s never been one to follow the crowd. Instead of slowing down and thinking about retirement, he’s expanding the product line of a company he started in his 60s... And always looking to the future.


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