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How to Choose and Use Clips
Read this and get more than your money’s worth out of ClipWords!

DO check out all the topics. It’s a great way to jump-start your project with a variety of subject ideas!

DON'T limit yourself to one topic, even if it's the natural place to look. Limiting your options limits your creativity. If you have to come up with a theme, an announcement, or a promotional piece for a business meeting, start with the topic "Meeting Themes." But also consider the purpose of the meeting. What does it involve? Goals? Leadership? Loyalty? Motivation? Success? Those are five more topics to check out!

Meeting on goal-setting
Selected Clip:
There are many paths to success
Selected Clip:
Every success begins with a goal
There are many paths to success, but the first path to success begins with a goal.

ClipWords produces fast and professional results when you need it!

DO use ClipWords as a brainstorming tool. While the first clip that catches your eye may seem perfect for your project, browse through other topics for ideas that might inspire a completely different angle from your original selection.

Writing an article about parenting
First Clip:
Be a parent first, a friend second
Second Clip:
When you listen, people start talking
Third Clip:
The only way people resolve problems... sit down and work it out
Fourth Clip:
Always be there for each other
There are many paths to success, but the first path to
success begins with a goal.

The last three selections all came from different ClipWords topics, but any one of them could be a great idea generator or even a headline or subheadline!

ClipWords will change the way you brainstorm!

DON'T feel you have to use ClipWords phrases and statements exactly as they're written. Put your creativity to work. Customize them, combine them, rearrange them, or even add or subtract words to create novel, fresh and exciting copy you’ll be proud of!

Addressing a health problem
Selected clips:
Committed to your health
Pay attention to what’s going on with your body
Staying healthy is the key
Better health for all people
Think of your own health first…
Better health means paying attention to your body and being committed to your health!
Staying healthy is the key to better health!
When you’re committed to your health, you pay attention to what’s going on with your body!

The right phrase or statement is worth more than a thousand words!

DO use The Scrambler feature to combine the creative power of ClipWords with your imagination for unique and unexpected ways to develop your very own Clips.

Select a word and enter it in The Scrambler. Now choose a number of words, 5, 7 or 9, and click the button. An unexpected combination of words will appear. Repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Headline for a singles safari vacation
Subject Word:
Scrambler Words:
Sky, journey, change, challenge, experience, fortune, give
Experience a journey of challenge and change while building a fortune in friendships

ClipWords… The world’s finest do-it-yourself writing tool!

DO use the Keyword Search by entering a keyword from your project. Click the Search button and it will produce every Clip containing that word.

Let us help corral a new one for you
It takes so little to help so much
Help those who can’t help themselves
We help people with disabilities
Family fun that’s sure to help you

These Clips are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a total of 121 Clips to view, from 76 different topics, just from one keyword, “help”!

It’s all about sparking your creativity! It’s all about saving you time!

DO use the sound feature. It’s a fantastic hands-off brainstorming concept!

ClipWords are exhilarating! They will stir your thoughts and you can quickly express yourself as never before!

DON'T let procrastination stop you from starting a waiting project! With over 50,000 Clips to choose and use, we guarantee that you’ll never be stuck for the right phrase, statement or headline again!

Now you’ll never have to say…
“ I can’t think of what to say!”

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