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ClipWords Promotion Book

ClipWords Promotion Book
Over 19,000 Clips
157 Topics 368 Pages
Only $24.95

ClipWords Motivation Book
Over 10,000 Clips
81 Topics160 Pages
Only $16.95

ClipWords Motivation Book


If you’re a professional copywriter, don’t worry, these books won’t put you out of business, but they will give your ideas a fresh twist and make your writing job easier. If you’re not a professional copywriter, you can add a pro’s touch to a wide variety of projects where just the right words make all the difference!


The specialized Clips found in Promotion and Motivation give you over 30,000 additional common and uncommon phrases not found on the ClipWords Pro CD-ROM, and both make great additions to your office library!

ClipWords Promotion is an invaluable resource for promoting any product, service or business. Loaded with ideas for advertising, sales events, grand openings, promotions and more, you can find slogans, headlines, sale themes, and attention-grabbing copy for just about anything! Features over 19,000 Clips in 153 topics, as well as a fact-filled foreword by internationally renowned speaker, retailer and author Rick Segel.


ClipWords Motivation can help you add a pro’s touch to announcements, letters, recognition awards, meeting themes, newsletters, presentations and a wide variety of other projects where just the right words can make all the difference! With over 10,000 Clips in 81 specialized topics, you can find just the right words in a snap!


Best of all, order both books, Click "Buy Now" or call Epigraphics at 888-291-3883 and save over 20% off the cover price with our Buy 'Em Both offer! Receive the Motivation and Promotion books for only $32.00 plus $6.95 shipping and handling.


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